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Teaching Media Literacy

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Videos Related to Teaching Media Literacy


A lengthy list of streamed Media Literacy related videos (complied by: Media Literacy Clearinghouse)


Did You Know? (A short video about how information changes and expands.)


Teaching Media Literacy: Asking Questions


A Portal to Media Literacy

Free Curriculum 

Common Sense in the Classroom: A Media Literacy Guide 

Media Smart Youth- NIH produced curriculum

Media Literacy For Drug Prevention

Assignment Media Literacy (K-12 curriculum & videos)

Library Information Science Curriculum (Information literacy curriculum from Henrico County, Virginia)


Lesson Plans

Academic Integrity: This web site from The New York Times Learning Network contains many lesson plans for teaching bias, propaganda, critical evaluation of information. Also included is a link to resources related to plagiarism.

A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures: "Students examine patterns in the repeated words in a literary or historical text and consider their significance." Good tie in the recent political campaigns.

Lesson Plans: These plans were developed by Frank Baker 

Building Blocks: Teaching Media Literacy: A lesson plan for use with pre-schoolers

Educational Resources in Media/Literacy Studies: Part of the Community Learning Network. This page gives links to resources and lesson plans.

Recording History: A lesson plan developed by Paula Jutkewicz, library media specialist, Sterling School, Greenville (SC) County School District

Solving a Civil War Photograph Mystery: This exercise will help students view photographs with a critical eye to determine if the events, people, and/or places depicted are accurate.

Teaching Media Literacy Through the Topic of Terrorism: Lessons and resources on media literacy for the middle and high school classroom

The Pied Piper of Hamelin: This lesson could be adapted for use with all grades. Activities include creating newspaper ads, storyboards, and newspaper articles; understanding poetry by writing raps; practicing research skills by putting the story into its historical context.

Web English Teacher: The Media Literacy and Information Literacy page contains links to articles, lesson plans, instructional strategies related to teaching media and information literacy.

Teaching Critical Evaluation of Information


Media Literacy:  Core Principles/  Critical Thinking Questions


CARDSS: Joyce Valenza's checklist for evaluating web sites. This check list can also be used for evaluating the content of such things as blogs and wikis.


Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators -: This site includes surveys to download and use with students to evaluate their information. This site also has links to websites for teachers and library media specialists to use in teaching critical evaluation of information and web sites.


Educational Origami: This wiki includes good explanations of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy and rubrics for evaluating use of various Web 2.0 tools and other technologies, such as IWBs (interactive white boards):


Evaluating Web Pages - This site is geared for college students but the included questions teaching critical evaluation of web sites is valid for K-16 students.


Evaluating Web Pages: Questions to Ask and Techniques to Apply - This site is also geared for college students but the information is appropriate for K-16 students as they learn to critically evaluate web pages and their content.


Google Directory: Web Site Evaluation - This site includes an extensive list of links to resources for teaching critical evaluation of web sites and their content. One of the primary resources is a link to hoax sites.


10 Cs for Evaluating Internet Resources


Teaching Media Literacy in the Age of the Internet: The ABCs of Website Evaluation


Resources for School Librarians: This site includes links under the topics: Who are the Media?; Teaching Media Literacy; Youth, the Internet and Digital Media; Copyright Issues; and Intellectual Freedom in America Today.

 Useful Links

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